How The Coronavirus Is Impacting Freelancers And Gig Workers

Has the Coronavirus impacted freelance business and, if so, is business up, down or changing? I spent much of the day yesterday and today speaking and emailing with the leaders of freelance marketplaces

21 Gig Economy Leaders Share How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Impacting The Freelance Workforce

Once again, I’ve solicited the comments of leaders of the freelance revolution around the globe, and received their current reports from many.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Driving Huge Growth In Remote Freelance Work

Welcome to the freelance revolution in the era of COVID-19. This is the third report, and invites freelance business and thought leaders to comment on topics of importance as the global economy works through the pandemic.

How Freelance Platforms Are Supporting Freelancers During The Pandemic

Welcome to the fourth report in my Forbes series: the freelance revolution during the pandemic. The big news: we’ve begun to see light at the end of the COVID 19 tunnel. China reported no new cases, a first! Cases in New York City, where I live, are slowly receding.

Remote Is A Powerful Growth Driver For Freelancing: 32 Platform CEOs Explain Why

“You can’t start a fire without a spark” sang Bruce Springsteen in his classic ballad “Dancing in the Dark.” Well, for digital talent platform CEOs and thought leaders participating in this survey round of freelance revolution during Covid-19, the spark that’s lighting up a wave of freelancing growth is the remote movement driven by the Pandemic.

The Big Freelance Skills Needed As Companies Rebuild After COVID 19

Over twenty two million Americans lost their jobs in a little less than a month due to COVID 19. It took the Great Depression more than four years to achieve an equivalent level of unemployment.