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Community Code of Conduct

To help maintain a safe and welcoming environment, we ask that all community members adhere to One Circle professional code of conduct.

Don’t worry, the rules are simple.

We’re cultivating a space for a community that wants to play a part in changing how the world works together.

We’ve built a global network of HR specialists, coaches, and senior professionals across multiple industries, who use One Circle to share their work and expertise and help us change the way work is done and to make life awesome.

One Circle will be a different company a few years from now because you are going to change it for the better.

We will lead the HR freelance revolution together and change the way people work for good. We can’t wait to see where you take us.

The quality of projects that you advise clients on is the very thing that will define us. Whether it’s designing a new bonus scheme, crafting an engagement strategy, learning program, or even a template.

From creating a policy manual, designing a phantom share scheme, writing a job profile or a complete reorganization exercise to (more likely) engineering something that nobody’s thought of yet.

Each of these will be at a level of quality that defines One Circle, through you, as an important contributor. We can’t wait to see the future you choose to build with One Circle, as we stride together into the future of HR.

To maintain a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone, we’ve created a set of community standards to serve as a standard for behaviour on our platform.

These standards help define what is acceptable in the One Circle community and marketplace and explain how violations are enforced.

The code of conduct is not tied to any law but are used to govern our platform policies. It reflects our attitudes, expectations, and social norms.

Our community standards are rooted in our core values — respect, safety, acceptance, support, and open-mindedness.

Just like our community, these standards will continue to grow, evolve, and change. We have embedded examples in the community standards for unacceptable activities on One Circle.

Please note that these are intended to be examples only and not a complete list.

We encourage our community to report to us when encountering anything that is unacceptable and in contradiction with our code of conduct.

We want to create the best experience for all community members and ask that you respect and follow these guidelines.

  1. Misleading profile information
    Do not:

    • Post a fake name, location, gender or photo in your user profile.
    • Present a fake ID document or proof of address when asked to.
    • Write misleading content in your profile description, skills or education.
    • Misrepresent Solutions on the marketplace
    • Copy Solutions descriptions and other elements from other users.
    • Have someone else present you in your Solution when personal intervention is required.
    • Post non-original images or images you do not have the right to use in your Solution.
    • Post, send or deliver non-original work, or use videos that you do not have the right to use in your Solution.
  2. Promise a service outcome which is not in your control
    In certain instances, consultants may be tempted to promise outcomes of their service which is not in their control. For example, guaranteeing to increase productivity or engagement by a certain percentage. Please refrain from promising outcomes that are not in your control because it misleads clients.

We define spam as messaging activity that is unwanted, repeatedly occurring and disruptive to the experience of the platform users. Spam can take many forms ranging from unwanted offers to commercially motivated solicitations that aim to drive traffic or attention to websites, products, and services outside of One Circle.

Please respect our members’ privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Solutions or projects on the platform.

The marketplace content is based on User Generated Content (UGC). If you believe any of the uploaded content violates your copyright, trademark, or a related exclusive right, you should follow the process described in the Marketplace Terms and Conditions.

Be Respectful. Always be supportive and helpful to others. Communicate with others the way you would like them to communicate with you. Help us keep this place as accessible and inclusive as possible.

You are expected to comply with all One Circle Terms of Service and Marketplace Terms and Conditions and failure to do so can result in account holds. Account holds lead to account interruptions, and consequences could include the inability to continue working on One Circle and the loss of your hard-earned reputation.

Knowing and following your obligations when using One Circle is essential for you to thrive on One Circle and earn “Top Rated” status. If you have any inquires or you were not sure about a particular behaviour, you are kindly requested to contact us immediately on support@onecirclehr.com.Together, we are responsible for maintaining a vibrant platform and safe workspace for our consultants and clients.

  1. Possible violations (and how to avoid them)
    • Identity Uncertainty and Account Sharing: Be yourself! Provide your own accurate and verifiable information and use a clear photo of yourself. Don’t allow anyone else to use your account and don’t ever log into one of your clients’ accounts on their behalf. Instead, have them add you to their team with the appropriate permissions. Respond quickly to all requests to phone or ID verifications. Your personal information, including your address, phone number, ID, etc will be protected and not shared online on the platform. We give you the option to choose your privacy settings as well as choosing a nick name and an avatar image; use it if you prefer not to share your identity. However, when provided, you need to ensure all provided personal and experience information is accurate at all times.
    • Receiving Payments off One Circle: Always receive payment through One Circle. If a client proposes to pay you outside of One Circle, decline and let us know.
    • Failing to Perform on Your Contracts and Solutions: When you extend a proposal, accept a project, or promote a Solution for sale you are committed to the quality and timeliness of deliverables. In addition, you must accurately describe your business abilities or services you offer in terms of skills, experience and qualifications. Misrepresenting your abilities or failing to fulfil your contract responsibilities can result in low client satisfaction, bad evaluation and payment disputes.
    • Multiple Logins or Wrong Account Type: Use the same login for all work on One Circle, whether you’re selling your own services as a Consultant, or hiring others as a client.
    • Contact Information Sharing: Keep contact with potential clients inside One Circle. Your profile can’t include your email, Skype contact information, or links to any sites that include a way to contact you outside of One Circle. This includes a link to your personal website or a third-party profile or certification (like LinkedIn).
    • Spam and Harassment: Treat everyone with respect and professional courtesy in all communications. Tailor your applications to the needs of each job and client.
    • Feedback Abuse: Great feedback is earned, not forced. Don’t pressure clients to give you good feedback, and don’t withhold work until feedback is left on your profile. It’s OK to let clients know that you strive to provide high-quality work and to earn a good rating or to ask for feedback to be left. Having said that, abusive feedback from Clients could be highlighted to One Circle and we reserve the right to delete off the platform.

    Account holds for any of these reasons will disqualify you from Top Rated status. We strongly suggest you review the full One Circle Terms of Service and the Marketplace Terms and Conditions.