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Dustin Woods

Dustin is a well-traveled digital learning and development practitioner, working with multinationals across Europe, Asia and Middle East on people, leadership and performance challenges.
He successfully delivered impactful programs for senior leaders across the globe and digital learning interventions.
He works with you to really understand the people involved - their workflow, their frustrations, their aspirations - and then co-creating digital learning and leadership development solutions to help.
Dustin can assist you by:

• Redesigning your learning and development offering for online and remote workforce. Well-designed learning programs are more engaging and interactive than classroom and have greater impact on performance.
• Addressing performance and capability challenges in a sustained and systemic way. Learning is often not the solution!
• Designing performance support solutions to enable ‘performers’ to solve their immediate challenges within ‘2 clicks’
• Engaging with a target group, understanding their concerns and challenges and rapidly prototyping solutions to address these.
• Building the effectiveness of Executive Teams by improving interpersonal relationships, getting clarity on shared outcomes, defining ways of operating and cultivating ongoing team learning practices.

Dustin promotes using using digital 'sensibly' (not falling for fads and false promises) to scale-up, individualise, monitor and adapt your leadership & digital learning strategy. Here's a video message from Dustin to get to know him better. 


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