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Barrie Davies

Barrie has deep experience across people operations, L&D and digital transformation as an executive in the largest & most geographically diverse companies in the world.

He has decades of experience tackling the toughest workplace culture and leadership challenges at startups and some of the largest, most mature, businesses in the world assisting them on their digital transformation journey. 

He will help you to join up your company strategy with the behaviours & skills of your teams. Ask your team the right questions the right way & vastly increase the value of insights and reduce the noise of claimed data bias.

Using his proprietary 'Cultural Forensics' methodology, he informs action, inspires progress through gamification, and sets the groundwork for next-level cultural growth.

Barrie deployed this methodology across some of the world’s biggest and most diverse companies; has learned many things, but as a guide:

Invest in your leaders’ capabilities, make your teams work meaningful and you will see the benefits in all aspects of your business. 

An interesting post from Barrie, on One Circle Perspectives, on how company culture impacts the success of your business and well-being of your employees. 

Here's a video message from Barrie to get to know him better. 


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