What do we really do at One Circle?

Both freelancers and companies are curious about our business and our approach. We get this – ours is a fresh approach.

Our vision is to change the way people work. We are a freelance HR platform and marketplace launched in 2020, and grew into a community of more than 600 freelance HR consultants from 48 different countries.

We know that companies need practical, tangible and fairly-priced solutions to their real-life problems.

The best way to do so is by directly engaging the right skills or solutions, from anywhere in the world, specifically for each problem.

We offer direct engagement virtually, at open-source prices and with the assurance of our escrow payment process.

Slick, bulky slide decks with 10 pages of intro and no practical solutions to actual work problems are the past.

One Circle provides companies with a fresh option to access virtual specialist HR expertise at fair prices, to work on delivering practical, meaningful solutions.

Freelance HR
  • That solves your problem.

Again, what is One Circle?

One Circle

One Circle is a global community of freelance HR consultants, the majority of whom have been working for more than 15 years.

This community is available to work on projects virtually and on-demand. This community also offers ready solutions through our Marketplace.

Companies can post a project to get a feel for how it works at $0 cost.

Whether for a one hour task or for a year to manage a large project, the details are boundless and specific to unique company problems.

Over the One Circle platform, you can:

  • Browse our virtual freelance HR consultant community here and spot how they line up with your needs if you don’t have a specific project need.
  • Join us here and Post a project if you have a specific project and available budget. You can post it generally or invite motivations from individuals, then select the right consultant to work on your project.
  • Schedule a virtual roundtable over our Yellow Rooms for a “sounding board” session to test an idea, get some market insight, or a second opinion.
  • For immediate needs, drop us a line here and we will shortlist 3 consultants in 48 hours for your consideration to work on your project.
HR on demand

When should One Circle be used?

Any time specialised HR skills are needed to supplement  and support internal HR teams

  • Re-organizations or restructures
  • Design and/or roll out new policies or practices, like remote work
  • Digitize learning
  • Identify and develop transition plans, like Diversity & Inclusion
  • Design and/or implement true performance-based pay & incentives
  • Streamline HR processes,
  • etc etc…

For an initial quick chat to test a concept, or a sounding board session, our Yellow Rooms feature is available in a few clicks.

Check some of the projects other businesses are posting on One Circle.

How does it work?

Joining One Circle as a company is simple. Create a company profile and explore the existing talent on our platform in a few clicks.

Test the portal by posting a small project, set a budget for the project, then review the motivations that the One Circle independent HR consultants put forward. No cost, no commitment.

For quick help, drop us a line with description of the pain point and we will compile a shortlist of freelance HR consultants who can help in 48 hours, for consideration.

Security of payment

One Circle offers an escrow payment service to provide payment assurance to both clients and our consultants. Here’s more on how it works.

We live in uncertain times, with the only certainty being disruption to our mindset and ways of working. And our payment process.

This is what we do.

A long way to describe how we help you change the way you can do work.

Ready to experiment? Post your first virtual project today with One Circle here.

HR on demand

One Circle is a freelancing platform for independent HR consultants.

Where businesses of all sizes can find coaches and HR specialist consultants across the entire HR spectrum with multiple areas of expertise. If you are a business and are looking to get HR projects done, virtually, consider signing up!

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