The question we get asked most is, ‘so what do you really do at One Circle?’

Sometimes by HR consultants and experts, but more often by clients who have come across One Circle and are curious about our business and our approach.

The short answer: we change the way people work.

This is our vision and this is what drives us.

A longer answer would be that we are a global technology platform launched in early 2020 when we, along with billions of people, were surprised in having to shift to remote work overnight.

Since then we grew our community twofold, and we plan to continue at this pace, into the future.

We understand organisations’ needs to address real-world problems by accessing the right skills from anywhere in the world quickly and at a fair price – we provide this virtually and with the assurance of our payment process.

We know what it’s like to receive slick, glossy slide decks with ten pages of visuals before any words appear, justifying the million price tag for a “model” or “methodology”, not a practical solution to an actual work problem.

One Circle provides organisations a new fresh option to access the right specialist expertise at an open sourced price, virtually, and to work on something specific to your needs, providing solutions that are tangible, meaningful, and practical.

  • That solves your problem.

Again, what is One Circle?

One Circle is a digitally-connected community of independent HR consultants from all over the world, the majority of whom have been working for more than 15 years.

This community is available to plug in to projects virtually and on-demand and if you’re interested in joining out community, click here.

As a leader in your organisation, you can engage an independent HR consultant from our community to work on your project virtually and within your budget.

For one hour, or one task, or for a year and to manage a large project. It depends on your specific problem and with the assurance of a quality delivery.

Over the One Circle platform, you can:

  1. Screen our pool of independent HR consultants, available as and when needed, virtually, at good value and with the assurance offered by One Circle.
  2. Post a project according to your own needs and available resources and invite motivations from HR experts, then select the right consultant to work on your project – virtually.
  3. Schedule a virtual roundtable with our consultants for an immediate high-level chat to test an idea or get some guidance or a second opinion. This can be done through the Yellow Rooms which provides virtual roundtable capability.

What would you use One Circle for?

Whether you want to:

  • re-organize your structure more efficiently
  • implement remote work practices
  • digitize your learning
  • identify and develop Diversity and Inclusion competence and transition plans
  • implement true performance-based pay
  • or streamline HR processes, to name a few…

One Circle provides direct access to independent HR consultants with specialist HR expertise, from around the world, with the skills that your internal team may not have, or be able to offer, in order to get things done.

If you want an initial quick chat to test a concept, or have a sounding board session, the Yellow Rooms feature can give you this too. All in a few clicks.

Check some of the projects other businesses are posting on One Circle.

How does it work?

Joining One Circle as a company is a no hassle, no commitment process where you create your company profile and explore the existing talent on our platform in a few clicks.

You can experiment by posting a small quick project, set your own budget for the project, and review the motivations that the One Circle independent HR consultants put forward. If you aren’t thrilled, we’ll be disappointed, but saying goodbye is as easy as signing up.

Security of payment

One Circle offers an escrow payment service to provide payment assurance to both clients and our consultants. Here’s more on how it works.

We live in uncertain times, with the only certainty being disruption to our mindset and ways of working. And our payment process.

Organisations realise the magnitude of change and readjustment needed for a post-pandemic future. You cannot wait and see – you need to act now to set up for success.

In addition to entire sets of other activities that need to be done differently.

Going through this massive transformation could be expensive and vanilla if done by traditional consultants. Internally managed projects will take longer – if your people have the bandwidth and skills required.

One Circle provides you access to specialist independent HR consultants to support your transformation project, virtually and within a budget that you determine.

This is what we do.

A long way to describe how we help you change the way you can do work.

Ready to experiment? Post your first virtual project today with One Circle here.

One Circle is a freelancing platform for independent HR consultants.

Where businesses of all sizes can find coaches and HR specialist consultants across the entire HR spectrum with multiple areas of expertise. If you are a business and are looking to get HR projects done, virtually, consider signing up!

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