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I am starting my business

Congrats on starting your new adventure.

Finding the right level of talent when needed, and at fair price to help you grow your business exponentially, is not a myth anymore.

When to take this decision to grow the team? And what if I can’t afford it? Do I hire a HR generalist? How can I afford a HR specialist? These are questions that are on every business owner’s mind.

Odds are, it’s the same for you too, and that’s why you are here. Keep Reading.

Facing the challenge of knowing when the right time is to turn to HR advice.

Finding it difficult to tap into the right level of specialised HR talent within budget, or simply because the required talent is not always employable, is a common issue that growing businesses face. You are not alone.

Did you know that 50% of start-ups fail in their first year due to many different reasons, and not having a proper HR plan is one of them? Now we often think that HR is something established companies and multi-nationals focus on, but that is false. HR management is critical for all types of businesses – be it SMEs, start-ups or corporations.

When a start-up is busy bootstrapping, they should not neglect building the right business culture from the beginning.

Doing so can help them stay competitive on the HR front. A new business owner is busy thinking of ways to grow the business and increase revenue and market share.

At this stage, the entrepreneur is not in a state of mind to put him/herself in the employee shoes. While, on the other hand, employees are putting in the hard yards during start-up mode, putting on hold their personal lives as they support the start-up vision.

Now you must be thinking, what should I do? And how can I make sure I got this area covered?

We will help you make sure your business has the working environment you dream about. We show you how easy it is to hire HR consultants online and also, how to hire HR consultants on-demand.

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