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Our business is growing and we want to augment our HR team capabilities with freelance HR consultants

We are pleased that you are taking this decision early on. We have some ideas on how to scale smartly by using HR experts on-demand and to leverage freelance HR consultants rates instead of having to use human resource management consulting firms, and are happy to share these with you.

Freelance experts, independent consultants and executives, and on-demand HR consultants are a powerful resource for your business.

Companies who hire a HR consultants for a project instead of using a full-time employee not only get a cost benefit, but also get better knowledge transfer.

One Circle is the right HR marketplace that connects specialist independent HR consultants with top companies on-demand. Download this guide to learn:

  • Why leading organizations should use HR on-demand.
  • Actionable tips for using on-demand talent quickly and compliantly to deliver business results and get work done.
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