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About Us

One Circle is a freelance HR platform and marketplace. We connect businesses with freelance HR consultants, from around the world and on-demand. Completely virtual, One Circle provides businesses access to quality Human Resources consultants and across the employee life cycle. All HR in one place with transparent reviews, track records, and a safe escrow payment system.

Our story

One Circle is born out of its founders’ belief that it was possible to earn a good living and provide for one’s family, without necessarily being away from them. We spent more and more time away from our families while our respective corporate careers peaked. We felt plugged into our employers 24 hours each day with technology making it impossible to truly disconnect. Life became work and work took over both life and family.

We stand for unconditional client focus. Our hand-picked network built on first-class freelance HR consultants on-demand

We fortunately had the opportunity to press pause, distance ourselves from the race for a while, and ask the burning question: is there a better way than this? Surely, life was about realising one’s passions and using one’s skills without having to compromise on personal family responsibilities.

The biggest obstacle, we felt, was feeding the hunger for exciting work, while at the same time being able to provide adequately and lead a healthy family life, with the employment model of 9 to 5, every week, every month, every year.

The dream of being one’s own boss prevails. Having ownership where hard work results in personal reward and one is appreciated by their loved ones.

We created One Circle to make this life choice a bit easier for HR people.

One Circle manages and collaborates with clients in a reliable, secure manner. Providing HR professional mavericks with a stream of projects to challenge and provide income, allowing them to showcase their work and solutions and sell them as products, while at the same time increasing their visibility to clients.

About the founder

Emma El-Karout

Emma El Karout

Founder of One Circle HR

Emma was an HR Director with companies that made more money than some countries. They beefed up, then slashed their workforces in cycles as certain as the tides. She worked with some great individual talent. However, she always found specialist gaps in the corporate HR teams she led, which she had to plug with expensive consultant resources provided by big brands.

Expecting smores and double chocolate chips for these fees, she normally got vanilla. Emma knew there had to be a better way for her to access the specialist HR skills she needed at real market prices. Combined with her belief that the new workforce would be based on an on-demand model, when people would decide when, where and for how much they worked, she created One Circle to enable direct relationships between HR professionals and the corporate leaders in need of their skills.

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