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Welcome to our Circle

To our community of virtual freelance HR consultants, thank you for being part of the global change to the way we work, and for making life more awesome!

Welcome to our Circle

One Circle enables connections between businesses and independent HR expertise, as and when needed, virtually, at fair value and with greater assurance.

Our community of virtual freelance HR consultants are available to provide actionable insights, practical solutions and expert advice, on-demand.

We also provide the flexibility for businesses to access our consultants in short bursts for immediate guidance or second opinions through our Yellow Rooms which provides virtual roundtable capability.

In a nutshell, One Circle is a global community of virtual HR consultants, accessible on-demand with mitigated risk.

Our vision is to:

Level the playing field of project work opportunities for all demographic groups.

Open up project opportunities in developed economies to independent talent in emerging economies, thereby bridging global talent pipelines.

Offer a meaningful and realistic alternative to traditional employment or consulting.

We will change the way people work. Into a new world age.

One Circle provides the secure hosting for businesses to negotiate their specialised needs directly with independent consultants who can provide them, at rates acceptable to both parties.

For our community of virtual freelance HR consultants, we help you be your own boss.

Take on work that you really want to do, that inspires and challenges you. Share your HR expertise with companies around the world to help strengthen your global exposure.

One Circle offers not just the project postings so you don’t have to hard sell, but also the assurance of payment through our escrow partnership facility.

For our client, we offer the opportunity to directly access experts from a global pool of virtual freelance consultants.

One Circle as well offers a reliable and safe payment gateway and pre-defined timelines to help project manage HR deliverables.

In addition, you can get partner-level expertise at rates that big firms charge you for junior consultants.

Because One Circle offers you direct, assured access so the experts who actually do the work.

Founders’ Message

One Circle will be a different place in a few years from now because you are going to change it, and for the better.

Together we will lead the HR freelance revolution together and change the way people work for good.

We can’t wait to see where you take us. The quality of projects that you advise clients on is the very thing that will define us.

Whether it’s designing a new bonus scheme, crafting an engagement strategy, learning program, or even a template.

From creating a policy manual, designing a phantom share scheme, writing a job profile or a complete reorganization exercise to (more likely) engineering something that nobody’s thought of yet.

Each of these will be at a level of quality that defines One Circle, through you, as an important contributor.

We can’t wait to see the future you choose to build with One Circle, as we stride together into the future of HR.

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Welcome to our Circle.