How can One Circle help my business?

The short answer: we have a platform of HR experts from all over the world who will change the way you work.

When and how will I grow my team? Can I afford it? Do I hire a HR generalist, or can I afford a HR specialist?

These are questions on every business owner’s mind.

Odds are, it’s the same for you, and that’s why you’re here.

We provide access to specialist HR advisors quickly, virtually, when needed and with the assurance of our trust payment system. All at an open-source price you agree with the HR specialist directly.

Borrow them when needed with NO long-term commitment

We know what it’s like to wait a week to receive slick, glossy slide decks with ten pages of visuals before any “advice” appears, to justify the big consulting brands’ million price tag for a “model” or “methodology”, not a practical solution to an actual work problem.

In the time they’ll get you a proposal, One Circlers will give you a solution.

  • That solves your problem.

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Security of payment

One Circle offers an escrow payment service to provide payment assurance to both clients and our consultants. Here’s more on how it works.

We live in uncertain times, with the only certainty being disruption to our mindset and ways of working. And our payment process.

One Circle is a freelancing platform for independent HR consultants.

Where businesses of all sizes can find coaches and HR specialist consultants across the entire HR spectrum with multiple areas of expertise. If you are a business and are looking to get HR projects done, virtually, consider signing up!

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