HR On-Demand White Paper

Remote Working Playbook and Framework

Have your strategies in place to transition from sudden remote working to sustainable remote working. The transition needs to be planned and intentional.

Remote Working Playbook, Framework, and Strategies

Companies of all sizes, ask the same questions: “How do you do remote working the right way? How do you run a remote operation efficiently? Here’s a Remote Working Framework and Playbook to help.

Remote leadership Skills and Tips

Remote teams, need clarity and remote leadership skills, whether they integrate within an on-site structure or the full structure operates remote.

Meet Max! One Circle virtual community AI assistant

You can now join and invite others to our virtual Slack community for HR professionals powered by Max our AI assistant. Connect, share advice, mentor each other and ask questions.

Remote Working: the capacity to work differently

A brief analysis of a global covid-19 survey, and insightful results of remote working impact covering more than 1,200 companies from around the world.

6 critical factors for a successful digital transformation

For the digital transformation journey to be effective, customer experience and employee engagement should be at the heart of the it.