4 questions to help you select the right independent consultant

Interviewing an independent consultant is different than screening for a full-time role or a permanent hire simply because the former is project driven. Let’s cover some questions that will help you get the best fit.

HR On Demand

One Circle virutalizes the entire client-consultant exchange with on demand talent providing businesses access to diverse expertise and fresh ideas.

The Mindful Entrepreneur. Real Time Opportunities.

Can mindfulness be just what an entrepreneur needs to gain greater inner peace, increase capacity for fresh, creative thinking and strengthen resilience.

HR for start-ups: learnings from a start-up HR executive

Remove the excuses and obstacles and think HR for start-ups. We will help you achieve your goals of a growing and successful business!

Ways in which to engage with an independent HR consultant

You are convinced of the potential value from using an independent HR consultant to help-out with your important projects. But when to reach out externally?

‘Human-ing better’, an advice from a remote CEO.

Getting things done as a remote CEO is relatively easy, protecting the culture that has painstakingly been built, requires more effort.

The rise of the virtual freelance consultant

The rise of the freelance revolution and takeover of the virtual freelance consultant is evident. Traditional consultants have much to fear today as companies become more cost conscious, wanting speed, depth of expertise and above all direct access to quality at a fair price.

To our community of virtual freelance HR consultants

One Circle is shaped by its community of virtual freelance HR consultants. You have told us what you want and we are excited to announce the new features and updates on our One Circle platform.

The Future to Combat Bias is: Freelance

A freelance platform to showcase specialist talent could be the way to combat bias. A new world where open talent is easily accessible, hiring is location agnostic and bias free.

Virtual Round Table Tips

Interactive sessions are the future, ranging from roundtables, to creative Q&A forums, or other novel formats. They are a breath of fresh air in decision making, representing true diversity of thought.