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The Yellow Room

A service tailored to put world class advice at your fingertips

Plug into the collective knowledge of One Circle’s community of Human Resources consultants, tackle your pain points, or seek a second opinion from an expert.

Any number of business leaders can book the Yellow Room for a discussion.

Invite up to 4 of One Circle consultants to participate.

There are no limits to the number of topics, just time.

Blocks of time up to 3 hours each. If you need more time, simply book again.

Accelerate Discussions

One Circle Yellow room provides the opportunity to gather online with one or more of One Circle consultants and take part in structured discussion(s) around various business topics. Business leaders can access in-depth advice, on any topic, without leaving the comfort of their own surroundings.

Private Sessions

It is also possible to book private executive coaching or personal remuneration advice sessions. Sometimes business leaders just need a sounding board or a partner to brainstorm.

virtual speaker

Virtual Speaker

It is possible to book a speaker for a specific event, to rally the troops before a tough period, or to motivate the teams at the end / start of the financial year.

How it Works

You need expert advice including market practice insights

Sign up as a company.
Select up to 4 subject matter experts.
Book convenient date and time.
Pay one fee through our escrow payment service.
Fees are held in trust until the roundtable is done.
Funds are released to the consultant(s) subject to your confirmation.
Show up on time and run your virtual roundtable to get the most value from the discussion.

Here are some tips on how to run a successful Virtual Roundtable discussion

Why One Circle Virtual Roundtables

Save Time And Resources

Find actionable insights, solutions and expert advice quickly

Project Intelligence

Seek second opinion and access worldwide advice from hands-experts to deliver real impact

Get Immediate Specific Guidance

Your challenges tackled as per your brief


Tailored solution to your needs, available when you need it, virtually

Book A Virtual Speaker

Find the right speaker to address the leadership team, a specific department, or the business